Art Career Class






BFA Exhibition

Getting Your work photographed

Professionalization Packet


Final Advisement Meeting

Faculty Mentor Form signed 2 times Print out your Faculty Mentor Form Write an e-mail to your mentor ASAP! Have your 1st meeting before your show:Mentor Form signed Have you 2nd meeting during the run of your show Have you 2nd meeting during your show:Mentor Form Signed a 2nd time Turn in your Mentor form signed 2 times
Write Your Artist Documents Artist Statement Artist Biography Work Resume Exhibition History CV (curriculum vitae) Cover Letter
Participate in Exhibit Preparation Press Release Show Poster

Show cards (Optional)

Title Cards for your work Individual Guest Books Produce an Exhibition Catalog
Read about Gallery 100 Floor Plan Rules, Regulations and Expectations Food Waiver Forms Equiptment Loan Forms Artwork Loan Forms Take your work home
Group Work in the Gallery Get your exhibition dates Show up for install on time Show up for final walk through Show up for the opening Show up for de-install Take your work home


Week 1 to Week 2: Completed by Week 2

1. Draw for Exhibition Dates and Times / Get Familar with Gallery 100 Rules, Regulations and Expectations


Week 2 to the completion of your exhibition: Due at the end of the course.

2. Complete Facutly Advisement / Write a Letter of Interest to your Mentor / Get your Faculty Mentor form signed off on 2 times


Week 3 to Week 4: Due week 4

3. Complete Show Poster/Postcard (Illustrator) / Poster/Postcard (Adobe) / Press Release / Promotions PlanExhibition Layout / Show Poster Template Show Card Template / Exhibition Catalog


Week 4: Due on the week of your exhibition.

4. Complete writing an: Artist Statement / Bio / Cover Letter / Title Cards (same format for the whole group)


Week 5: Due when you come to begin installation.

5. Complete Exhibition Forms: Loan Forms for Artwork / Equiptment Loan / Food Waiver Forms (14 Days in advance fo the exhibition) 


By Appotinment During or after the week of your exhibition. 

6. Complete getting your work photographed by the Class Photographer / Formatting requirements / Turn in images on a thumb drive 


Due the Last Day of Class at the Beginning of Class.

7. Complete Research Packet and Print Out Hardcopies to include in the back of your Professionalization Packet


Due the last Day of Class at the Beginning of Class.

8. Complete Professionalization Packet / Career Calendar


Due the last Day of Class at the Beginning of Class.

9. Complete Website / Include link on the first page of your Professionalization Packet


Finals are optional.

10. Schedule your final meeting with the Galleries Director (Optional)

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