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Q & A Session.

Question: Why is thinking about an e-mail service important for practices artists?


  • You should give extra consideration to your e-mail address as an artist because picking an easy-to-remember e-mail "handle" will help to connect all your platforms and advertisin as well as helping to identify your "brand" as a professional artist. Thus, picking an easy-to-remember handle that clearly identifies you with your work is absoltuely key! 
  • You will want to choose an e-mail address that is simple enough that anyone could remember it even from just hearing it in casual conversation. 
  • The obvious "go-to" name for a working artist is their actual name, or something that identifies their artistic practice with their name like or
  • Make sure to use an email that is concise and straightforward, preferably something more generic if you work in multiple meduims or something more specific if you are identify your work with a single genre or meduim in art.
  • You only want to pick your e-mail handle once, so make sure to give it extra consideration and pick a handle that can work for a lifetime.
  • Don't think that zany or wacky e-mail handles like or are going to help your career in the long run. And defintiely, do not imagine that or other non-specifc handles help you either. They actually hinder you career.
  • Take extra time to search for the correct handle to use and be specific about the e-mail service provider/messaging service you select. Many providers are not great at forwarding images, invites, etc., so doing a little self-education by reading the articles below is important.
  • In order to be an art professional you should have a professional art "handle" for your e-mail address and pick a provider that works well with the arts, not to mention also using an "e-mail serivce / messaging service provider" for your mass e-mails so you messages don't get marked as spam.





There are many different e-mails services and some are easier to use when sending images, forwarding show invites, and promoting art events. Make sure to use their options to set up your business, store and retrieve messages, highlight important notifications, create a contact list and many other other customizable options. 

Make sure to educate yourself on e-mail service by reading up on their options and experimenting with different platforms until you find one that makes sense for you and your needs as an artist. If you don't know where to start, then start by reading these reviews and make sure to talk to other working artists about what they prefer. 


Self-Educate on E-Mail Services for Artists 


Question 1 - What are the top e-mail services and why?

Research and be ready to present your finding to the class.

Top 10 E-mail
Top 6 E-mail

The Best Free e-mail services of 2017​

Top Free e-mail services of 2017​


Question 2 - What are the top e-mail marketing services for your profession and why?  

Research and be ready to present your finding to the class.

Top 10 E-mail Services

The Best E-mail marketing services of 2017​

The Best E-mail marketing Software,2817,2453354,00.asp

Which E-Mail Service is Best For Artists

E-mail marketing for Artists: The Ultimate Guide​

An Overview of E-mail list service providers for Artists

Best e-mail Marketing Services


Question 3 - What are the best marketing tips for promoting your artwork/profession through e-mail? 

Research and be ready to present your finding to the class.

E-Mail Marketing Tips for Artists - How to Promote Your Art

Artists Can Promote their Work Via E-Mail

E-Mail Marketing for Artists


Question 4 - What does e-mail marketing consist of for artists and/or for your profession and why?

Research and be ready to present your finding to the class.

E-Mail Marketing for Artists

E-Mail Marketing for Artists

The Artsy Shark Guide to E-Mail Marketing for Artists

E-mail 101 for Artists

E-Mail Newsletters in 3 Easy Steps​

Internet for Artists: Best Practices for Effective E-mails


Question 5 - How can you sell your art through e-mail? 

Research and be ready to present your finding to the class.

Selling Art through your e-mail list

E-mail Marketing for Artists​

Artists can promte theri work via e-mail marketing

E-mail Marketing for Artists

E-mail service providers - Best for Artists - SELL MORE ART



Picking a separate e-mail service just for your art career is a sign of professionalism and that you are a serious artist. Make sure to pick a "handle" that will be used throughout all your platforms and social media! This makes it so that people can find and remember your sites and your contanct information, ultimately helping to consolidate your "brand" label across platforms. 

Make sure to have a 'go-to' service provder that helps you use to build your client and collector list through an address book so that you are always growing the reach and connective potential to market your work to a larger local, national and global audience with each passing year.

Make sure your e-mail "handle" is also your website name and the name of any other social media "handles" you use so people can remember and follow you easier. This way your art becomes associated under one brand name over time whenever someone visits your sites. 

Pick an E-Mail Account (sub-category) 

AOL mail | Free Email Server |

Gmail | Free Email Server |

GMX | Free Email Server |

Go Daddy | Free Email Server |

Hush box | Secure mail |

Inbox | Free Email Server |

Lycos | Free Email Server |

Outlook | Free Email Server |

Yahoo | Free Email Server |




Be sure to select a messaging service that is just for your business as an artist and which is separate from your personal e-mail account.

Picking a professional e-mail service will become a necessity once your contact list grows past 100 or so people. 

Make sure that you have a "go-to" mass e-mail server in so that your clientele list blocked your messages or get them thrown in the spam folder. 

Pick an Email Service (Sub-category)


Agency Access

AWebe8 | Email marketing | | Email marketing |

Boomerang | Email marketing |

Campaign Monitor | Email marketing |

Constant Contact | Pay to play e-mail service |

Email Brain | Email marketing |

Get Response | Email marketing |

Graphic Mail | Email marketing |

Mad mini | Email marketing |

Mailchimp | Pay to play spam eliminator |


Rackspace | Pay to play e-mail service |

Send Stream | Email marketing |

Zoho | Pay to play e-mail service |



E-Mail Services for Artists


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