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Q. & A Session. 

Question: Why should an artist have a website?


  • Other than the obvious reason that the internet is the quickest and easiest way for people to connect with your work and a website is the easiest and most professional way to present your work to a large on-line audience, there are a lot of other benefits to having a website.
  • Having a website allows you to present more than just your work to the world. You can include an artist bio page, your exhibiton history, CV, statements about your work and links to your other forms of social media. 
  • The way that you design your site can also help you to think about your art practice in discrete bodies of work, or ongoing projects, as well as being a great place to catalog all of your achievements.
  • It also acts as a catalog of past works and images that help you to measure your growth, what you think was successful, and it can reveal a growing body of concerns in the work that might not always be as apparent without a website. Few artists count on the real value of this when it comes to dealers or clients in accessing the value of their work, thier growth over time and the ideas behind why they do what they do.
  • Of course, a website is now an essential element in every artists career, but you also want your site to be a well curated and user-friendly experinece. Your website should not be a place where you just "dump" imagery. A professional look and presentation are key, and should resemble other sites in the same field with a touch of originality to distinguish what you are doing from other basic looking drop and drag sites. A little extra care in thinking about how to put your site together, including (1) listing out all the categories you are going to have links to, and (2) collecting up all the text and images that will go on the site before designing it mak the experience of building your own artist website an easy, fun and enjoyable process.





Before you pick a website take a moment to read up on the most used platforms and what they have to offer in terms of options, plans, etc.

This will let you know what will work best for you and what kinds of problems you might encounter along the way. If you are designing your website yourself then you are going to want to sign up for a user-friendly platform with templates that you will enjoy working with long-term.

Make sure to pick a site that shows off the kind of work you make well and which fits your skill level in terms of working with plug-and-play website platforms or code if you are a more advanced designer. 


Question 1: What do you like best about artist desinged websites in your field? Research and be ready to present your finding to the class.

The Abundant Artist - 9 Great Artists Websites

20 Must-Click Websites From Tauba Auerbach to Andrea Zittel

Creative Blog - 5 Brilliant Artist Sites to Inspire You

Wix Blog - 15 Magnificent Websites created by Artists and Illustrators


Question 2: What are the Do's and Don'ts of how to build a website? Research and be ready to present your finding to the class.

Art Business - Successful Art and Artist Websites: Do's and Don'ts - How to Build a Website that Works

Creative Capital - Internet for Artists: Why We Only Reccomend Two Website Services (Squarespace and Wordpress)


Question 3: What are the best platforms to build your website on? Research and be ready to present your finding to the class.

Digital Arts OnLine - 10 Best Portfolio Websites for Artists and Designers

Website Builder Expert: - Portfolio Website Buidler Plans, Payments and Services


Question 4: How do you build a website? Research and be ready to present your finding to the class.

An introduction to building your own artist website

How to Build an Artist Website in 10 minutes with Wordpress

How to create an artist website

How to make your own artist website (and why you need one)


Question 5: What are the mistakes to avoid when building a website? Research and be ready to present your finding to the class.

Top 10 Mistakes artists make when building a website

Creating an artist website without the headaches


Question 6: What are the best free websites to help ypu market your art? Research and be ready to present your finding to the class.

Light Space Time - 20 Free Art Websites to Help Market Your Art




Picking the right website template to show off you work is key! 

You should file through a number of websites to see which will work for you and for what price package. Some are free, some are one time payments and some are monthly subscriptions. Beware as many "free" sites aren't actually free but charge you to remove adds and other gimicks that end up costing you more money in the long run. With website platfroms "you get what you pay for" holds especailly true, so buyer beware!

Make sure to look at the kinds of formats used by other people in your field of the art industry before making a final selection so you have a site you can build on in the future and which shows that you understand the "industry look" that works best for your work too.

Artists Websites w/Templates (sub-category)


Cargo Collective (Popular) | Free to artists but you have to apply |

Fine Art Studio On-line | Pay for templates for artist sites |

Folio Link | Pay for templates with package deals |

indexexhibit (Popular) | Pay for templates with package deals |

Other Peoples Pixels | Pay for templates with package deals |


Site builder | Free websites |

Squarespace (Popular) | Pay for templates with package deals |


The Grid (AI Website) | Pay for artificial intelligence run website | | Web hosting services with additional design services and customer support | (Popular) | Pay for templates with package deals |

Websites for Artists | Pay for templates |

Weebly | Free website |

Wordpress (Popular) | Affordable blog that can be used as websites |

Wix | Free but have to pay to remove ads |



Websites for Artists

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